Fire Extinguisher Training Course

Looking for an extinguisher training course? If you are a UK business with extinguishers then the law requires that you train your staff.

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Hands-On Extinguisher Training

Perhaps the best form of training of all would be ‘hands on’ live sessions. They can however be costly and difficult to implement particularly for just one new staff member.


Fire Extinguisher Training DVD

When it comes to fire safety training then often DVD / Video is a very affordable and easy to implement solution. However video learning in isolation is unlikely to be accepted as ‘Training’ in the eyes of the law.


Online Fire Extinguisher Training

Online fire extinguisher training is affordable, interactive, gives a randomly generated test-of-knowledge and most importantly is incredibly flexible in terms of implementation.


Fire Extinguisher Guide

The most affordable solution of all would be a fire extinguisher guide. For those who are happier reading a training manual then a downloadable guide is perfect. It is essential though that it includes a test-of-knowledge.